4-Hole Non Stick Flat Frying Pan For Burger Eggs Ham PanCake Multipurpose Breakfast Grill

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The 4-Hole Non Stick Flat Frying Pan For Burger Eggs Ham Pancake Multipurpose Breakfast Grill is easy to clean and non-stick, allowing you and your family to rest assured.

Enjoy variety of delicacies in one pot!


  • Premium Material: The pan features the optimal material, which is featured by the non-stick coating of Maifan stone,, and the pan is non-stick, abrasion-resistant and durable, and the pan featrues the beautiful, and the pan features the heat insulation and anti-scalding, comfortable grip.
  • Fine Craft: The pan features the thick pot body design, which is featrued by the large-capacity, thus making cooking easier.
  • Fine Design: The pan features the stainless steel anti-burning ring, which is also featured by the anti-scalding design, and the pan is heat-resistant.
  • Practical to Use: The pan features the intelligent temperature control and the premium bottom, which is featured by the fine shape to achieve the even heat conduction, and the bottom of it is not sticky and it is practical for most stoves.
  • Multiple Purpose: The pan can be used to make omelette, burger and the like, and the pan features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.

1. Dry or empty cooking of pots and utensils is strictly prohibited
2. Avoid sharp metal hard objects contacting the surface, which will affect the non-stick effect
3. The non-stick pan conducts heat quickly, just use medium and small fire to cook.


  • Model: 16cm
  • Hole distance: 8.8cm
  • Pot depth: 2.0cm
  • Pan width: 18.7cm
  • Handle: 19.3cm



  • cause the heat resistance temperature of the handle part is limited, we do not recommend putting the egg frying pan in the oven