Backyard Snake Repeller Solar Powered Deterrent For Yards Garden Safety Tools from Snake

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For many of us, there’s nothing more frightening than coming across a snake in our backyard, or worse yet, inside the house.

The benefit of using the Backyard Snake Repeller Solar Powered Deterrent For Yards Garden Safety Tools from Snake ultrasonic solar snake repeller is that it is chemical and poison-free. Making them completely safe for your dog to run around in the back yard while your kids are playing.


  • Includes a built-in rechargeable with high storage capacity- 1200mAh 18650 battery
  • Intense ultrasonic pulse vibration frequency 400 – 1000HZ
  • Utilizes energy from the sun for 24/7 around the clock protection.
  • IP65 Waterproof rating – Ideal for outdoors in the yard
  • Comes with 2 devices capable of protecting up to 7000 ft2.
  • Made from sturdy aluminum so that it won’t rust when exposed to the extreme weather.
  • Helps to control rats, mice, rodents from entering your property.
  • Includes solar-powered LED lights that can flash or remain a solid light.
  • Safe for dogs and children!


The simple answer is the larger your property the more snake repellent devices you will need. This twin pack of solar panel snake repellers can cover a decent size backyard up to 7000 ft2. Ideally, you want to have 1 solar repeller every 100ft.

For best results, position the solar panel devices roughly 15 feet in from your boundary. It’ll ensure your entire backyard is protected along with outside of your boundary.

For small blocks, this twin pack will be sufficient, however, if you have a medium-sized block, it is suggested to invest in a further 2 snake repellers. Larger blocks again will require 6 or more snake deterrents.


Snakes hear by earth-born soundwaves rather than aerial soundwaves. This is how they have become such precise hunters.

However, when they feel vibrations of a larger predator, the snake will back away as they feel the threat is too large. This is how this snake repeller works. It emulates the vibrations of a larger predator to deter snakes from entering your property.


The human voice is about 250HZ on the soundwave spectrum and this snake repeller has a frequency up to 4 times the amount.

The snakes surrounding your property pick up this frequency via bone conduction and the vibrations felt make the snake think there’s a herd of elephants up ahead.

Snake Deterrant Safe For Dogs


A snake repeller can only work if it is constantly emitting vibrations into the earth. What makes this snake repeller better than many on the market is that it does just that.

Each pulse of 400hz-1000hz vibration can last from 4 to 10 seconds. The number of pulses the device puts out every minute will vary.

This variation in pulsation is designed to emulate a predator in its natural environment. So rather than pulsating every 60 seconds like some, this snake repeller can vary its pulse frequency every 5 seconds, 30’s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and every 2 minutes.

With the snake repeller working for your 24 hours a day, you can feel rest assured knowing that your property is equipped with one of the best ways to repel snakes.

Assembly & Installation


  1. Connect the plug inside the vibration tube (aluminum) into the solar head connection port.
  2. Attach the solar head onto the vibration tube, you will instantly notice the vibration effect taking place.
  3. Position the snake repeller in your backyard where the panel can receive 4-5 hours of sunlight every day.


  • Dip a hole 3- 6 inches deep to put the vibration tube into. This will enhance the depth of the vibrations to deter snakes further away as the earth multiples the force of vibration.
  • Fill the hole in with fine soil and wet it to compact the dirt down.
  • Avoid using loose rocks and poor soil to backfill the hole. As vibrations can be lost.
  • Vibrations do not pass through concrete, so if you have a retaining wall, you may need to position the snake repeller to cover either side.

Natural Snake Repellant


  • Rated voltage: 1.2 (V)
  • Rated frequency: 400-1000 (HZ)
  • Rated power: 4 (W)
  • Effective range: 700-FT2.
  • Solar panel: 2.5V80MA charging conversion
  • Made of durable ABS Plastics & Non-Corrosive Aluminium